100% operated by
Original Founder Chin Tsai

About Us...

Mr. Chin Lung Tsai is the original founder of Chef Chin's group of restaurants. The first Chef Chin's restaurant opened in March 1st, 2011 in Rancho Bernardo, CA, offering cozy garden patio seating, wine and cocktail bar, and Karaoke entertainment.

Chef Chin Restaurant provides a unique first combination of Chinese American Fine Dining, next to Chef Chin's Noodle & More which serves authentic original Asian fusion cuisine including dishes from Shanghai, Szechwan, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

The menu items can be directly ordered online for take out. There is a Chinese-American Menu, and also a separate Authentic Chinese Food Menu. Try the tasty cuisines on both menus. The locations on this website are 100% operated by Original Founder Chin Tsai